The dead-on-arrival of Boehner’s deficit plan in the Senate is not a surprise to those who believe this is nothing but a political war between the left and the right. The 51-41 defeat of the proposition is an indication that democrats in the Senate want to send a message to the republicans in the House, that they will not get their way by creating a budget deficit that only favors republican agenda and doing away with a bipartisan agreement that will favor the nation and help it overcome the looming default. If the republican agenda is not to unseat Obama come 2012, why not immediately allow a budget deficit that extends beyond 2012 while at the same time approve an increase to the debt ceiling. Public debt of the United States must be paid without question as authorized by the fourteenth amendment however, the republican party is playing a game to mislead the American people into believing that increasing the debt ceiling, means incurring more debt and increasing the size of government however, this is not true. The increase will only help pay what America owed. Now that Congress has finally reached a compromise doing away with the tax increase on rich Americans proposed by the President, one is quick to realize how the rich Americans and those at the top of the economic ladder, have been able to use their lobbying power to make the right push for a no tax increase in the final budget deficit agreement. It is high time both right and left realized a unilateral proposition is not the answer. To have a solution to the current issue, a bipartisan agreement is the way to go. Even though, both parties finally reached a compromise, doing away with tax increase on rich Americans is a big mistake.
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