It Pays to be Stubborn?


Louisiana governor Bobby Gindal says “it pays to be stubborn and stick to your gun” well, while this may be fairly true depending on the circumstances, I am quick to agree the electorates did not choose our politicians and those in Congress to be stubborn in order to reach a compromise on the nation’s pressing and dire needs.

The leadership is elected to office to solve the nation’s problems and run the government. It is without doubt the stubborn attitude came from the Tea Party Movement and its agenda to bring disruptive change to Washington by all means.

Since winning the House in the mid-term election, the right has no other agenda but to deliver on its promise to the voters and extreme conservatives, who help them take over the House of Representatives.

The goal is budget cut and reduction in the size of government at all cost irrespective of the effect on the nation. Being “stubborn and sticking to your gun” has no benefit in government, patriotism and compromise does.

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