LEON PANETTA: Downsizing On US Military Budget by Adeyemi Oshunrinade


On August 4, 2011 the newly confirmed Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, held his first press release focusing on the expected cut to defense budget after the Congress, reached agreement on the just concluded budget deficit. The Defense Secretary sound fearful calling the proposed automatic cut to defense “unacceptable.”

While the defense of the nation is crucial, there are areas where a cut will not create any risk or danger to the homeland. For example, Iraq and Afghanistan are places where a budget cut will undoubtedly save the nation billion of dollars.

Afghanistan alone costs the nation about $8 billion monthly not mentioning Iraq. Bringing home the troops from both wars will quickly save the nation billions and will help reduce the size of both military and defense spending.

With Bin Laden gone and Al Qaeda in distress, Congress should focus on the homeland. The administration’s decision to withdraw American troops from Iraq, was a move in the right direction.

A turn around from the war front and a withdrawal of the troops from both Afghanistan and Iraq will be an effective step, towards a cut in military budget.

While it is important to leave behind a peaceful Afghanistan and Iraq, the US government cannot continue its nation building regime for ever. It is time for the leadership in both Iraq and Afghanistan to take over the affairs and maintain a lasting security with the help of the international community.

The United States is in economic crisis, it is time for Congress to review and reevaluate military spending in nations where the U.S. Is engaged.

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