PRIVATE FUNDS: Paying Down American Debt by Adeyemi Oshunrinade



A couple recently appeared on CNN to talk about their organization an association, set up privately to pay down American debt. A man and his wife with the intention to seek donations from private citizens to help pay the nation´s debt? While their creativity deserves recognition, there is doubt about their act of patriotism; when has paying off the nation´s debt become the business of private individuals?

Our elected officials are put in office, to manage government affairs and the nation´s economy therefore, it is not the business of private citizens to raise money for the government to pay the state´s debt. This is an attempt by these individuals to take advantage of the current crisis to create attention and generate Public relations for their organization. It is nothing but a way of generating funds for their private use.

Even though, a high percentage of money raised may go to the government, it is not uncommon for such associations to claim administrative costs which is then diverted to private use. While their creativity is commendable in a bad economy, there is a lingering question about their patriotism.

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