ANALYZING AHMADINEJAD: Western Powers “A Totalitarian Regime.”


Addressing the 66th Session of the UN General Assembly,the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came swinging with the same rhetoric of his past appearances at the United Nation headquarters in New York. After releasing the two American hikers jailed in Iran, most expect the Iranian leader to present a better approach to world issue at the ongoing UN Session; at least, a better speech without the same old critique of the West. However, the Iranian leader began his speech by bringing attention to poverty and the need for its eradication in the poor nations.

The Iranian leader brought out the controversies of the past by calling 9/11 “Mysterious.” According to him, the United States used 9/11 as “a pretext to attack Iraq and Afghanistan.” He said arrogant powers always threaten those who question 9/11 with sanctions.

To respond, it is proper to indicate that the United States invaded Afghanistan, only after the September 11 terrorist attack on its soil, that killed more than 3,000 Americans and foreign nationals; had 9/11 not happen, the United States would not have gone to Afghanistan and moreover, the U.S. invaded Afghanistan with one goal and that is to drive out Al Qaeda and prevent the Taliban from harboring any terrorist group in the country, that may be a threat to American security and interest.

Any nation concern about its security would have done exactly what the U.S did when it decided to wage war against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Also, the invasion of Afghanistan was not the decision of the U.S. alone it was jointly carried out by a coalition of states that also lost citizens on 9/11 and decided to come together with one voice that, Al Qaeda must not be allowed to threaten Western authority and security.

To call 9/11 “mysterious” or to say America was involved in the killing of its own citizen on 9/11, in order to attack Afghanistan and Iraq is unconscionable, cynical, and insane.

As for Iraq only history will judge the United States; arguments may still be raised as to why Iraq was invaded. Since no weapon of mass destruction was found in Iraq, it may be a difficult one for the U.S. to sell if things eventually go bad in the country.

So far, all evidence show Saddam Hussein had no connection to 9/11 however, the U.S. may argue Iraq was invaded because Saddam oppressed his own people and irrespective of the intelligence failure on the side of the U.S., Saddam Hussein violated 17 UN resolutions and as a result made the entire world to believe Iraq possess WMD.

This is not to call the invasion a justifiable war however, to say the U.S. used 9/11 as a pretext to attack Iraq is far from true. The fact is that the question of Iraq, has been on the agenda of the UN Security council since the invasion of Kuwait.

The most aggressive sanctions in the history of the UN was imposed on Iraq but nonetheless, the regime of Saddam refused to budge. Also, as earlier indicated 17 UN resolutions went down the drain. Therefore, many arguments can be raised as to why the invasion occurred however, only history will judge the United States and the coalition of nations that invaded Iraq.

President Ahmadinejad, went on to say the West is using the Holocaust “to pay the Zionist regime.” that the Holocaust cannot be used as excuse for aggression and accuses the west of Totalitarianism and double standard. The fact is that the Holocaust occurred and it is part of world history which is verifiable; to deny such is to deny that nature survive on water.

While the West may be guilty of some double standard issues, Ahmadinejad could have used a separate platform to raise his argument; by denying the Holocaust and calling 9/11 mysterious, Ahmadinejad damaged his purpose at the 66th Session of the UN General Assembly.

By calling the West a totalitarian regime which support hatred and racism, the Iranian leader is creating more isolation for his nation and further isolation of his regime will do no good to the innocent people of Iran.

There is no doubt the use of Atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a deadly event, the world and the United States will always regret. However,it is improper for Ahmadinejad to accuse the U.S. for using the Atomic bomb on Japan at a time when the UN Security Council is occupied with the issue of Iran’s aspiration for a nuclear weapon so, why criticize the West for the same weapon you want?

On the issue of slavery raised by Ahmadinejad, it is fair to say the Western nations have not been forthcoming. It is high time for African nations to stand up for their rights and raise the issue themselves, the AU has its mandates and one of its purpose of creation is to represent the interests of member states therefore, if there is reparations for the Holocaust, there should be also for slavery but nonetheless, it is for the concerned nations to bring the issue before the United Nations.

On a final note Ahmadinejad, brought attention to the need for UN security Council reform.While this is true, the issue has been on the agenda of the UN General Assembly for more than a decade but unfortunately, there is no strong will among the member states to realize a reform of the Security Council.

Moreover, the issue continues to be blocked by the permanent members with the veto power; while some agree there is need to reform the Security Council, it has been difficult to reach agreement on the form it should take.

In conclusion and if I may agree with Ahmadinejad, the Security Council needs reform and the distribution of wealth needs correcting worldwide.

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