SAVING LOVE: How a U.S. Marine Married A suicide Bomber by Adeyemi Oshunrinade


The day was September 10, 2001 Jason had just arrived from a trip he took with his parents to Seville, Spain. He completed high school two years earlier but decided to take some time off before going to college; he sent in some college applications prior to leaving for the trip and on arrival he went straight to the mail box to check for his admission letter. To his disappointment none of the schools offered him admission; kind of tough to digest but he hoped to try again.

The following day was September 11, 2001 Jason and his retired parents Bob and Katherine were watching the morning news when the breaking news appeared. They watched as the two planes crashed into the twin towers and saw as bodies are thrown from the high- rise buildings in a desperate attempt to escape the burning flames. Jason made up his mind right there, he must abandon his college dreams for now and join the U.S. Marine.

Soon he was sent to Texas for training, the United States was at war. America must defend itself from other terrorist attacks and in order to do so it must preempt future attacks before they arrive at the homeland. In October 2001, President Bush ordered troops to Afghanistan and soon after the diplomatic war over Iraq began at the United Nations. Jason was soon to learn that if the U.S. decides to wage war against Saddam Hussein, his platoon would be among the first to ship to Baghdad.

In February 2003, the Secretary of State appeared at the 4701st meeting of the UN Security Council. The purpose, to present U.S. position on Iraq and its link to terrorism; it was an attempt to rally member States support for the lingering war on Iraq by revealing discoveries of UN intelligence linking Saddam to terror and the production of WMD.

On March 20, 2003 Jason was among the first American troops to arrive in Iraq. He received the blessings of his parents and there was no turning back. The adrenaline was burning and the spirit of patriotism became obvious as Jason sets his boots on the grounds of Iraq. The war of freedom has begun and at that moment no one cared whether or not Saddam had anything to do with September 11; the only memory Jason and his fellow soldiers have, was that of the twin towers and over 3,000 people killed.

By 2006 American troops have been in Iraq for three years, Jason saw many of his fellow marines ambushed or killed by IEDs. Popular in Baghdad were the daily suicide attacks but in most cases innocent Iraqis end up the victims. Jason’s convoy soon got information of a possible attack by Al Qaeda; his lieutenant ordered invasion of Al Qaeda training ground where the plan was hatched and in the battle that ensued, a stray bullet fired by a marine killed Ahmed an innocent passerby caught in a cross fire.

Soon afterwards, Khadija a 25- year- old Iraqi girl would not forgive the marine who killed her cousin. She joined a terror group and became radicalized, her ultimate goal to kill as many American soldiers as possible for killing her cousin. By October of 2007, a plan was in place for Khadija to carry out a suicide attack; she would be wired with bombs to be detonated in a tea bar frequent by Marines while on patrol. To perfect the plan, Khadija must work in the bar and reveal parts of her body so as not to create suspicion.

Jason, Todd, and Brian had gone on patrol together, it was time for tea and as they approached the bar, they decided to take turns; Jason went in first for tea while Todd and Brian stayed outside for security purposes. Khadija got information over the radio to go ahead and detonate the bomb in Jason’s face; the terror group believed force of the explosion would be strong enough to kill Todd and Brian.

As Khadija was about to present the tea and detonate the bomb simultaneously, something happened that changed the entire plan. “I felt something move in my belly as if I was with a baby, I looked in Jason’s face and just couldn’t detonate the bomb; I was overcome with love and compassion for Him.”

Khadija revealed the entire plan to Jason and the bomb was deactivated. Jason and his group called for backup and the terror group was soon located through the help of Khadija; all members got killed in the battle that ensued as they tried to escape. Months after, Khadija and Jason developed a friendship, that led to a relationship. “I just couldn’t resist him, even though, I’m a Muslim there was something about Jason that tells me he is the man of my dreams, I thank Allah I did not detonate that bomb.”

As the relationship progress, Khadija had no inkling how her father Ahmed and her mother Aissata would react when they find out about her love for a U.S. Marine who is a Christian. To her amazement, her parents agreed and accepted her choice as long as they get married.

In 2010 Khadija and Jason got married in Basra; it was a small ceremony though, Khadijah’s parent wanted a big Muslim ceremony; they agreed to a quiet one due to the nature of Jason’s service in Iraq. Khadija lived with her parents in Baghdad while Jason continued his service as a Marine. In 2011 President Obama announced American troops would leave Iraq by end of the year, Khadija got a visa to the U.S. and two weeks after she and Jason flew out of Iraq.

“From the moment I felt that kick in my belly, I knew it was a sign of what to come; Jason did not just leave Iraq with his guns, night vision goggles, and tanks he left with me and our unborn twins.” “They have been made in Iraq but soon to be born in America; I guess I was supposed to be his suicide bomber but instead, I saved my love and the father of our twins.”

Dr. Adeyemi Oshunrinade [E. JD] is a writer and published author; an expert in general law, foreign relations, and the United Nations. He is the author of ‘Murder of Diplomacy’ (2010) and ‘Wills Law and Contests’ (2011). ‘Saving love’ is about how love can overcome all adversaries.

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