DONNA SUMMER: Passing of a Music Sensation by Adeyemi Oshunrinade


The passing of the music sensation, Donna Summer came with surprise to the music industry and many of her fans with no inkling of her ailment. Her transition marks an end to decades of entertaining the world with her music and her darling voice, which to many help energize disco in the 70s and the 80s, when it was impossible to miss her hit songs such as; “Hot stuff,” “Bad Girls,” “Love to Love You Baby and “She Works Hard for the Money,” at discos and private parties both in homes and at school events.

The 80s as I remember was the period that brought me closer to her songs as they were the choice during our high school events at Loyola College an all boys Jesuit school, and at events organized by the St Louis Girls High School, an all girls catholic school that helped bring enthusiasm and life to the dance floor while the DJ entertained all with various hits from Donna Summer.

Donna Summer died in the morning of May 17, 2012 of cancer at the age of 63, based on the news and CNN reports. She was a woman of many gifts who rose to fame in the 70s, with the song “Love to Love You Baby,” which brought to notice her vocals and orgasmic groans with which she defined the 70s disco and entertainment. Other hits by the music sensation that brought her worldwide fame are “I Feel Love,” “Last Dance” and her 1979 song “Bad Girls” with which she revealed her vocal and stylistic range.

Like many other entertainers with their share of difficulties, her album “The Wanderer,” did not live to expectation and performed poorly on the music charts compared to her other album “Bad Girls,” that did well, maintaining No. 1 for five weeks on the music charts. Her song “She Works Hard for the Money,” became an anthem and was well received worldwide bringing her fame and acceptance by women who identify the song with more “power” and “respect” for women and their status in the society.

With her passing, Donna Summer has joined other great singers such as; Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Teddy Pendergrass, James Brown and many more that have transitioned to the great beyond. They have all made their impact and contributions to the fields of music and entertainment; though, they have left this world, their music will live on and if the dead do meet, there will definitely be a great choir in heaven.

Rest in Peace Donna Summer.

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