November 5, 2014

“Is it about getting things done or the wind of change? The same change that swept the polls on the side of Obama is slowly moving to the path of the Republicans, now they are in charge;” said Arulogun Sheye Peter, in response to a recent comment I posted on the GOP Congress takeover.

While he later withdrew the view after seeing it from a different angle, the same opinion is shared by majority of Americans who voted for a GOP takeover of Congress. Such people believe the decision to take power away from Democrats in the Senate will lead to a dramatic change.

If anything at all the nation will gain from a GOP control of the Senate and the House of Representatives, it is that the takeover will allow Americans to know the obstructionist among both political parties. The fact is GOP control of Congress will not translate to change but opposition to every Bill that could move the nation forward. This means nothing gets done, when the President can’t get the Bill on major issues through due to partisanship.

The victory as seen by the GOP establishment and their supporters, is a repudiation of Obama that will reorder the political map in his final years in office. What the party and its followers forget is that the win does not necessarily mean a complete takeover of the White House in 2016 or a sweep in the national elections. There are issues that need attention and how the GOP is able to manage its win by working with the President, will determine what party people lean on in the General Elections.

The recent election results only show that Americans are confused and divided on the right path to follow. Since coming to office, Obama has achieved some of the promises that got him elected and though, there are still some domestic issues unresolved, the delay is due to aggressive Republican opposition in both the House and Senate, caused by the GOP’ initial takeover of the House of Representatives.

American troops are back home from Iraq and no more body bags coming from the nation. The war in Afghanistan is scheduled to end by December 2014 and the Obama administration was able to strike a deal that would leave a residual force to protect against future attacks, a deal that could not be reached in Iraq under the Bush administration.

As promised, Obama has maintained the principle not to drag the U.S. into unnecessary war and despite pressure from the GOP to go to war in Syria and Iran, the President chose the path of diplomacy and only played a coördinated role with other nations to attack ISIS in Iraq and Syria a move, which many believe is necessary to deter the global threat posed by ISIS.

Ebola is no longer a threat to the United States and since the outbreak, only one person died from the disease in the U.S. Four of the five healthcare workers infected with the virus have recovered with only one patient still undergoing treatment in a New York hospital.

The economy, while not in excellent shape, is far better than what the President inherited in 2008. The recession that nearly crippled U.S. economy is now in control and the housing crisis that led to foreclosures is returning to pre-crisis condition, while home prices are beginning to rise again.

The progress report does not mean the administration is without shortfalls, as there are many Americans unemployed, underemployed or without hope of ever securing gainful employment. Yet, the Obama administration seems to be taking the country in the right direction especially on foreign policy and domestic affairs.

It remains unclear why some would give total control of Congress to a party that voted against every Bill introduced by the Obama administration, in an effort to undermine his programs and aspiration to bring the change he promised the electorates that put him in office.

Recent takeover of Congress will not translate to change but lead to political gridlock and more division in the Senate and the House of Representatives. It will force the President to extend his Executive Power, make it more difficult to resolve pressing issues such as immigration reform and promote the abuse of power and partisan politics that so far has brought the government to its knees.

Adeyemi Oshunrinade [E. JD] is the author of  ‘Wills Law and Contests,’ ‘Constitutional Law-First Amendment,’ ‘Criminal Law-Homicide’ and ‘SAVING LOVE’ available at Follow on Twitter @san0670.

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  1. Party Politics should not be played from a perspective of interests but I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles! I agree with you that the take over as it were of the Senate and the house of Reps will definitely lead to a clash of policies or if you like Politicking in my words and may not get bills or Obama deliver on his mandate yet Americans have spoken .Agree that the general Elections may not necessarily tilt towards the side of the Republicans but how well Obama is able to handle this in my opinion may determine the forth coming general elections. Politics is a mind game and I am sure that both sides will really have that done in the next few years. Obama has done well but the electorates decides whom they want.


    • Thanks for your take, results of the midterm elections will let Americans know the obstructionist. I wonder what the electorates that voted for GOP takeover of Congress want, a leader that takes the country to war unnecessarily and bring more body bags home or one that finds a reasonable and diplomatic way to protect the homeland ? Records will show Obama is on the right track though, has not done enough on some domestic issues especially unemployment but, the economy is better and the nation is better protected. The reason for current election outcome is nothing but partisan politics, the GOP still can’t stomach the fact it is fast becoming irrelevant and can’t comprehend loosing the White House to Democrats and Obama in 2008… We now have a path to inaction and more party gridlock because failure of the GOP to support the President’ agenda will force him to employ his Executive authority.


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