AQAP Commander Nasr Al-Ansi

AQAP Commander Nasr Al-Ansi


January 15, 2015

In a recent audio message released and translated by the Jihad and Terrorism watchdog MEMRI, Islāmic State spokesman Abu Mohammad Al – Adnani encouraged followers to kill Westerners especially French and Americans, as retaliation for American and Western incursion against the Islāmic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq.

According to him, “If you are able to kill an American or European infidel – particularly any of the hostile, impure Frenchmen – or an Australian or a Canadian, or any [other] infidel enemy from the countries that have banded against the Islāmic State, then put your trust in Allah and kill him, by any way or means. Do not consult anyone and do not seek a fatwa from anyone. It is immaterial if the infidel is a combatant or a civilian. Their sentence is one; they are both infidels, both enemies. The blood of both is permitted…”

“If You Cannot [detonate] a bomb or [fire] a bullet, arrange to meet alone with a French or an American infidel and bash his skull in with a rock, slaughter him with a knife, run him over with your car, throw him off a cliff, strangle him, or inject him with poison,” said Abu Muhammad Al – Adnani.

Months after releasing the hateful statement, lone wolves in the West, Canada and the United States are acting according to his command. Not long ago, an Ax wielding man Zale Thompson, attacked four New York Police Officers injuring two before he was shot dead. Based on information, he had no known link to any foreign terrorist group, though he exhibited extremist ideologies and managed to become radicalized.

Just like Zale Thompson, the man who not long ago brought terror to Canada is dubbed a “Lone Wolf.” The man known as Michael Zehaf Bibeau, opened fire killing one soldier before he met his demise inside the Parliament building in Ottawa. In Quebec, another man Martin Rouleau-Couture, hit two Canadian Soldiers with his car killing one and wounding the other.

Like others before them, Zehaf and Rouleau recently converted to Islam and when the authority in Canada, denied them the opportunity to travel and join IS led Jihad in Syria, they decided to wage jihad alone at home in Canada.

Most recent are the attacks in Paris, where two brothers Cherif Kouachi and Said Kouachi, attacked the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo killing twelve and wounding many. On the same day of the attacks, another French citizen of Mali origin Amedy Coulibaly, attacked a kosher supermarket, where he killed four and took hostages, while demanding that police release the Kouachi brothers. His widow Hayat Boumeddiene remains at large.

As investigators descend on the horrific events in France, it becomes clear they are looking at a terror link that spread from Paris to Belgium, Yemen, Syria, Turkey and Iraq. Before the French anti-terror squad killed them, the Kouachi brothers, voiced their links to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula AQAP and the American born terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, who AQAP credited for giving the orders for the Paris attack before he was killed by an American drone in 2011.

Amedy Coulibaly however, claimed his links to the Islāmic State and pledged allegiance to IS. So far, IS has not denied the collaboration. Also, AQAP in Yemen through its Commander Nasr Al Ansi, claimed responsibility and said that it had funded the attacks by the Kouachi brothers and continues to praise the attackers as martyrs, while many remain dead in France.

The events in Canada, U.S. and now France all point to the fact that “Lone Wolf” attack has become a new phenomenon. Despite massive security at the airports and inability of Al Qaeda and other groups to carry out a major attack since 9/11, Western youths are fast becoming prey to Jihadist organization worldwide.

New recruits from Europe and America continue to flow to Syria and Iraq to fight and receive training, which they use to attack their homeland on return. It is now clear that without addressing the root causes and blocking all recruit channels, ending terror is a long shot.

Adeyemi Oshunrinade [E. JD] is the author of  ‘Wills Law and Contests,’ ‘Constitutional Law-First Amendment,’ ‘Criminal Law-Homicide’ and ‘SAVING LOVE’ available at Amazon. Follow @san0670.

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