September 10, 2015

After he signed the pledge not to form a third-party, it became impossible to believe Donald Trump does not have the support of Republicans in Congress. Though, some party members want voters to think Trump is not a viable candidate to win the party’s nomination, the fact is, the GOP candidate received a promise to be treated fairly by his party, if he emerged as the front-runner in exchange for the pledge.

Candidate Trump is now surging in the polls, making other candidates like party favorite Jeb Bush, to look less serious as a contender. Latest CNN/ORC poll, finds Trump pulling well away from the other candidates, to become the first GOP candidate to top 30% in the race for his party’ nomination.

Results also show that Trump, pulled 8 more points since August to gain a 32% support, making him to nearly triple his support since he launched his candidacy in June. The result is a big surprise to his party followers especially, those who believe Trump is a joke and those who think the candidate’s entrance to the political arena was publicity stunt.

While it is a surprise to some that the real estate mogul, is suddenly a name to be recognized in the political sphere, it is not a shock that the candidate’s words are beginning to resonate after party supporters, realized there is a problem with the old establishment of politicians, who make promises but no results. Here is why Trump is surging in the polls:

Voters especially GOP supporters, want to do away with the traditional way of running government. Many feel the Republican Party is failing expectations, while some believe their representatives are moving away from the policies that got them elected. They now see possible solution in an outsider, someone far away from the broken system whom they can trust to bring change.

Immigration is another big issue helping Trump. Americans are sick of the broken system and believe Trump has the courage to fix the problem. Many think the current system persists because politicians are afraid to infuriate the mostly Hispanic voting bloc, favored by the immigration law in place. Recent murders perpetrated by illegal immigrants, did not help the situation, making some to pull their supports away from the old establishment.

Party followers now see the solution in Trump who recently, offered a new immigration policy that would fix the problem by deporting criminals. Those calling for end to illegal immigration, see no benefit in allowing criminals to roam the streets especially, those who have no business in America in the first place.

They’re having a hard time understanding why such people are able to stay, when they lacked the intention of becoming law-abiding citizens. While arguments exists that Americans commit most crimes, U.S. immigration law is clear on the requirements for anyone willing to stay in the United States or become an American citizen.

A foreigner willing to stay or become a U.S. citizen must prove he or she is a law-abiding resident with no criminal background. The idea that elected officials see the danger but fail to tackle the issue for political gains and votes, is one of the reasons why Trump is doing well now.

Another problem is birthright citizenship. Constitutionally, a child born in the U.S. acquires citizenship at birth irrespective of the parents’ status. While this right of citizenship by birth shouldn’t be denied to an innocent child, what oppositions championed by Trump are saying is that this constitutional provision is being abused. The medical costs are enormous and become a burden on the state, when a child is born here and the parents leave with a U.S. passport without paying the hospital bills.

Criminals with no business in the U.S. have also taken advantage of the birthright provision, with some including drug barons, having their child born in the U.S., while they remained fugitives. Those opposed to continuing the birthright trend, believe it promotes illegal immigration, since those who come here illegally know their child will be citizen irrespective of their immigration status.

Trump wants to correct the birthright issue and it seems his supporters are getting the message. The fact is, there is a problem with U.S. immigration law but whether denying a child born here the right of citizenship will correct the illegal flow remains unknown.

As long as Trump continues to make sense on his immigration plan, he could take his party’s nomination, though such outcome may not guarantee the presidency. So far, he has been able to contextualize his gaffes, when many expect him to lose support due to recent mishaps.

His disrespect for women including Megyn Kelly, Rosie O’Donnell and Carly Fiorina has done nothing to deplete his supports. Instead, the grand old party candidate continues to rise in the polls, making some to wonder if Trump is indeed going nowhere.

Adeyemi Oshunrinade [E. JD] is the author of ‘Wills Law and Contests,’ ‘Constitutional Law-First Amendment,’ ‘Criminal Law-Homicide’ and ‘SAVING LOVE’ available on Amazon. Follow on Twitter @san0670.



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