Fear is the way out for Democrats in 2020

Adeyemi Oshunrinade

August 4, 2019

Donald Trump became President by injecting the concept of ‘fear’ into his campaign. The idea that “the others,” are invading America and about to destabilize its way of life became the main theme of his presidency. To stop the “catastrophe” about to befall the country he proposed building a wall and using every means possible to keep the so-called invaders out.

The Trumpian approach to immigrants and the fear created, gave rise to current nationalist awakening in the country. Since the election of Trump, white supremacy and hate have been on the rise like never before. The President continues to use the pulpit of power in Washington to advocate hate for others to preserve the White race, he wants his supporters to believe is becoming extinct.

The nationalist ideology, born out of the campaign of 2016, is beginning to bear fruits however, a costly one. Within the past 24 hours, there have been two mass shootings in the country one in EL Paso Texas and the other in Dayton Ohio, with both claiming 31 innocent lives. There is clear indication the messengers are in obedience to the commands of the master. Those who share same beliefs as the President see the need to go to war and the only way to victory is by limiting the number of immigrants. In fact, the 21-year-old shooter in EL Paso said he carried out the killings because of “Hispanic invasion of Texas,” among others.

In all these, the Republicans in Congress have kept silent despite the level of violence in the country and the unprecedented manner in which the President has used the most powerful office in the world. Every attempt by Democrats to pass meaningful legislation met roadblocks by GOP members afraid of reprisal by the President who no doubt has taken control of the Republican Party.

Fear worked for Trump in 2016 and he became President despite the most contentious campaign in US history of elections. It may be time for the Democratic Party to also use ‘fear’ to change the balance of power in Washington. While Trump may have used ‘fear’ by lying his way to the office of the Presidency, Democrats must use ‘fear’ by presenting the facts on why there is need to take back power in order to save the country from disintegration. Here are the facts and why America must fear the current leadership in Washington:

Based on US intelligence report and the Special Counsel investigation, there was Russia intervention in the US election of 2016. According to FBI and other intelligence findings, the Russians tried again in the 2018, midterm elections and are preparing to meddle in the upcoming Presidential election in 2020. In response, the House overwhelmingly passed a Bill to protect US elections from foreign intervention. However, Republicans in the Senate killed the Bill. The fact that the President and some members of his party saw no need to protect US democracy should create fear in every American, who values the importance of a free and fair election.

America’s foreign policy is in shambles. Currently, there is no definable policy on North Korea and because of the mess by the White House it is fair to conclude that The President, has recognized North Korea as a nuclear state against US previous policy on the rogue state. Just like North Korea, Iran is at the verge of doing the same due to the Administration’ decision to pull the US out of the JCPOA, an agreement between the US, Iran and other world powers meant to limit Iran’s production of Uranium and ultimately its nuclear aspiration.

Trump’s tariffs on China, is hurting the US economy and the middle class. There is no doubt China steals US intellectual property however, the President’s aggressive tariffs is a bad economic strategy for finding solution. Farmers are hurting, while a number of dairy farms have closed. Soybean farmers are having a hard time exporting and the only solution from the White House was to give $12 billion bailout to farmers adding to trillions of dollars in US deficit. The party that was once an advocate of fiscal conservatism has suddenly become the author of big government.

No one disagrees that Trump inherited a good economy from Obama. On becoming President, he promised a 3% increase in the nation’s GDP but today, there is barely 2.1% increase with huge deficit. With the level of corruption by the administration, the swamp the President promised to drain is getting swampier. 70% of Americans don’t have more than $1,000 in their savings, while Some live from paycheck to paycheck despite Trump’s promise to the middle class.

So far in the Trump era, the wealthy have faired well at the expense of the middle class. The administration continues to destroy economic agreements with foreign partners, NAFTA is rebranded and meanwhile, no effect of the change on US economy. The companies Trump promised would return are yet to repatriate, while those that benefitted from the huge tax cut invested the windfall on stocks and bonds without creating jobs for the American people. Today, a lot of people are still left behind the economic ladder without hope of a better economic status. These should create fear in Americans.

Despite oppositions from beneficiaries, Republicans are still fighting in courts to end the Affordable Care Act ignoring the fact that it provides coverage for more than 20 million uninsured. While healthcare attack by Republicans is on the rise, the goal has been to repeal ObamaCare bit by bit in order to fulfill Trump’s campaign promise, irrespective of the overwhelming support for the Affordable Care Act by Americans.

Democrats must begin to emphasize the danger and fear of repealing the Act. And as healthcare becomes an important campaign issue, Democratic candidates must avoid the perception of creating a socialized healthcare system by offering a Medicare for all that gives Americans the choice of private insurance.

With the current leadership the US is losing its morals globally. The idea of children in cages portrays a bad image of a role model and a nation known for protecting human rights of others. There is no doubt that US immigration laws need overhaul but the fact that the Trump administration would go to the extreme of separating babies from their mothers should scream fear in every American. This among others is the case Democrats must make to voters in 2020. However, decriminalizing illegal crossing is a bad idea for Democrats. There is need to secure the border, while it is impossible to reward illegal crossing and expect an end to US immigration problems.

The violation of the rule of law under current administration is unheard of. The President is bulldozing his way through policies by placing himself above the law and manipulating the legal system. He’s filling courts with Judges that only subscribe to his beliefs and if not, they are subject to public attacks via Twitter. The fact that judicial independence is under attack by a leader with a belief in personal loyalty should worry every citizen.

Finally, nationalism is on the rise and racism is becoming normalized in America. With the election of Trump, White Supremacists now see a validation of their ideology. They are beginning to act out their hate for other races by engaging in massive shootings and killings. There has been no serious response from the Republican Senate and the President elected to unify the country has failed to call it what it is.

The terrible events of the past 24 hours should be a cause for concern. Among those shot in EL Paso was a baby, just beginning to experience this world. It is impossible to maintain peace and economic stability in a society where people are taken to the slaughterhouse daily like chickens. It is time to change the balance of power in Washington.

Adeyemi Oshunrinade is an expert in general law, foreign relations and the United Nations. He is the author of ‘Wills Law and Contests,’ ‘Constitutional Law-First Amendment,’ ‘Criminal Law-Homicide’ and ‘SAVING LOVE’ available on Amazon. Follow on Twitter @san0670.

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