Democracy Worked, Biden Takes The Mantle As Trump Goes Down in History

President Joe Biden

Adeyemi Oshunrinade

January 20, 2021


From incitement to insurrection, the reign of Donald Trump is finally over. Every American Will sleep well tonight knowing the country is in safe hands. Today’s pictures as President Biden and his Vice Kamala Harris, are inaugurated, is worth 81 million votes.

We have never seen anything like it, a coup attempt from within the United State is not only scary but shocking, knowing it was planned by now former President Trump and his family. We have a leader the country needs, one that will restore dignity to the nation and its citizens.

There is a deep sense of relief, while also the urgency to restore a glory badly squashed by a deranged leader with a hard time dealing with the loss of an election. A selfish leader with no human interests at heart, has left the presidency in disgrace unlike any modern American President.

With 25,000 National Guard troops on duty for the inauguration, Trump left the nation he swore an oath to protect less secured than he found it. He desired to remain in power by force, despite a rejection of his leadership by the electorates. A self-absorbed and selfish man, refused to attend his successor’s inauguration, breaking the tradition and making him the first in more than 152 years to ignore an important ceremony that ushers in a new leadership.

Now that Biden is President, it is no doubt the system worked and democracy prevailed as designed by the founders. The strength and resilience of a nation defeated an insurrection, incited to damage American democracy, putting in place a President that values good leadership, respect for the rule of law and the true meaning of separation of powers.

Vice President Kamala Harris

There’s no other so deserving to take the mantle at a crucial time in US history. As a former Congressman, a Senator and former Vice President, Biden walks into the presidency with the most experience than any modern American leader, as he works with a competent cabinet unlike the amateurish Trump administration. President Biden will inherit crisis not seen in generations, but he’s expected to pull through with a narrow lead for Democrats in the Senate and a control of the House.

With a strong inaugural message of unity, Biden shows intent to mitigate the division, brought by Trump since his divisive inaugural speech after the election of 2016. As Biden takes power, transition of leadership assumes a special place in U.S. history despite the chaos the country experienced since the November elections.

There is now a great opportunity to unite the country. There would be areas of disagreement among the two parties but with a new leadership willing to look beyond partisanship, there seems room for accountability and urge to deliver for the American people.

History has been made with Kamala Harris sworn in as the first female Vice President and first African-American/Asian to hold such position. With a cabinet that looks more like America, there is a great opportunity to collaborate efforts toward healing without prolongation of the uncivil war, despite the possible challenges.

As for Trump, there is a place for him in history. He would be remembered as the leader responsible for an insurrection against the United States. A former President who mismanaged a pandemic that led to more than 400,000 American deaths and one who snubbed tradition by refusing to allow a peaceful transfer of power after a glaring election defeat.

Trump would be known as the first U.S. President impeached twice for an attempted coup, incited through lies and conspiracy theories. He would be remembered for violating the emolument clause, making the media enemies of the state and engaging in corruption unlike any President in modern times. A leader responsible for the worst immigration policies that put children in cages, while they’re separated from their mothers.

He’d be known as the President who inherited a good economy but led the nation into a recession and trillions of dollars in deficit, due to his mismanagement of Covid. A leader who lost more jobs on his way out than he found when he came to power, one who presided over the worst economic growth since World War ll and the first President since Herbert Hoover, to lose the House, the Senate and the presidency all in one term.

On foreign policy, he became the only American President to endorse tyrants, one who embraced and gave validity to North Korea as a nuclear state despite global opposition. The only one to believe a foreign leader over U.S. intelligence, giving the possibility he was compromised by Russia.

Trump favored and spearheaded the biggest tax cut that favored the wealthy, leaving behind the poor and Middle Class, his only legislative achievement.

History will not treat him well for sowing seeds of division among Americans by stoking race wars and giving forum to White Supremacists, through indirect support and disguised affiliation. The insurrection would put him in the league of none as the worst American President, elevating Nixon to a alter boy.

With the inauguration of President Biden, it is a day of monumental change. America chose democracy over authoritarianism, ending abysmal leadership of a man willing to satisfy his personal interests at the expense of a nation he swore an oath to lead.

Adeyemi Oshunrinade is an expert in law, foreign relations and the United Nations. He is the author of ‘Wills Law and Contests,’ Constitutional Law-First Amendment ‘Criminal Law-Homicide’ and ‘SAVING LOVE’ available on Amazon. Follow on Twitter @san0670.






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