Afghan Security and Recent Attack by Adeyemi Oshunrinade


Recently, the Afghan President Hamid Karzai, praised the U.S. Government for it’s statement that the Taliban is not considered American enemy. While it is important to make peace with the Taliban, the Obama administration must be weary of it’s concessions to the terror group.

So far Afghanistan is yet to be a safe place for American and other foreign forces who continue to be attacked daily by the Taliban and their affiliates. Moreover, the Taliban continues to look for targets of opportunity killing government officials whenever they can.

The recent hotel attack in Afghanistan raises question whether the country is secured enough for foreign forces to leave. However, the US presence cannot be indefinite. The culture of nation building must end to allow the Afghans take care of their own affairs.

The United States must be careful in making any attempt to negotiate with the Taliban; it is unclear whether the terror group is ready to embrace democracy and be part of a coalition government in Afghanistan. Any peaceful agreement with such a group that has caused so much havoc and chaos should be placed in doubt.

There should be no room for negotiations until it is clear the Taliban is ready and willing to lay down arms and stop the unnecessary killings. While the Taliban has claimed it is not responsible for the hotel attack, there are still questions as to its links to the group that carried out the atrocities.

The Afghan government must work to erradicate corruption and step up efforts to take charge of its own security.


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