A page from the soviet era: Libya and the French intrusion by Adeyemi Oshunrinade



France admitted that it supplied arms to the opposition in Libya to help it get rid of Gaddafi, the issue is whether france may have borrowed a page from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

The world is yet to learn from the fact that some of the weapons left behind by the west while attempting to help drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan, was later used by the Taliban and Al Qaeda to inflict heavy wounds on innocent civilians and allied soldiers fighting to stabilize the country, after the september 11, 2001 attack.

While it is impossible to condone the dictatorial regime of Gaddafi, it is proper to admit that diplomacy was not given chance in Libya.

Arming the opposition whose purpose is unclear raises questions as to the morals behind the French action. There is no doubt French weapons supplied to the opposition will end up in wrong hands and this is nothing but arming Libyans to kill Libyans.

Since the death of Gaddafi, there has not been a serious gun drive in the country, to recover all ammunitions handed over to the rebels. Recently, the Obama administration indicated it’s willingness to buy back some of the weapons to prevent them from falling in the hands of terrorist.

The hope is that the Libya of tomorrow does not become the Afghanistan of today.

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  1. Remember how the USA armed the Sadam’s Iraq to ‘protect’ him from Iran…


    • Thank you Javier at the time in question, Iran was considered a danger to the region and there were indications Iran was beginning to develop a nuclear weapon this was before the Iraq invasion of Kuwait. One can always argue that the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq prompted the US to engage Iraq in the first gulf war, this action was indeed based on humanitarian grounds. As for the second invasion of Iraq by the US, there are many arguments that can be raised as to the justification for the war; one is that Iraq Saddam violated 17 UN resolutions and made the world to believe Iraq indeed possessed nuclear weapons. Whether the second invasion is justified is a question for history and only time will tell if the United States and the coalitions did the right thing by invading Iraq and removing Saddam. I will recommend a book I wrote that details the history of the war in Iraq and the UN sanction regimes it is titled MURDER OF DIPLOMACY: ‘disarmament of Iraq and the sanction regimes’ by Adeyemi Oshunrinade. It is available on amazon.com and retail outlets world wide you can also google search.


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