Since the birth of her octuplets in 2009, the “octomom” has endured unwanted criticisms over her decision to have multiple children in addition to 6 other children she had. The “octomom” is single, broke, and raising 14 kids on her own; but rather than receive help, she has had to deal with oppositions and resentments from those who think she is selfish and crazy for taking such a risk to have multiples.

It is not the first time we have heard of American women having multiples, many have even gone on TV to have reality shows exploiting those innocent children; shows like 19 kids and counting,Kate plus 8, and more just to mention a few.

Americans are known to be generous and kind towards their own and others in need around the world, why are people turning against Nadya rather than rally around her and offer help those innocent children desperately need? Enough of the nagging and hatred, Nadya is receiving no welfare or public assistance and no taxpayer’s money is putting food on the table for her children.

Even though, she might have made a mistake, it is time to let go and support Nadya just for the sake of her children who will eventually, become members of the American society. Nadya is a human being and there are 14 lives depending on her; it is time we as a society realize that further criticism and mistreatment of the “octomom” will have adverse effect on her children and probably the society at large.

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