WARREN BUFFET: Tax the rich by Adeyemi Oshunrinade


The billionaire business man Warren Buffet released a statement stating that the rich should pay more in taxes, to help the nation through the current financial crisis. According to him, in the last year 2010, he paid about 7 million in taxes however, the percentage he paid in taxes was less than what his employees paid. Warren Buffet is definitely a role model and a non-selfish patriot.

Asking the extremely rich to pay more in taxes will not hurt those rich folks a bit; sharing their wealth by giving back to a nation in dire need is not only reasonable but a moral duty. No wonder Warren Buffet has been voted today as the fifth most favorable man in America.

Those criticizing Mr. Buffet for making such a proposal and asking that he write a 5 billion dollar check for the nation instead, should realize that no private citizen has a legal duty to pay the nation’s debt. Therefore, Mr. Buffet has no legal duty to pay American debt.

Hopefully, the rich will borrow a page from Warren Buffet and lobby those in Congress especially the right, to allow a tax increase on the rich for the sake of a nation in economic crisis.

This December we saw how both houses fought over extending the Bush tax cut, the question is which is more important? Helping the needy get back on their feet or helping the rich accumulate more at the expense of the poor?

The current economic woe must be tackled wisely before this nation find itself in a depression if not already.

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