Former Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell recently walked out of a CNN interview with Pierce Morgan, after he asked about her view on gay marriage during her book promotion. The point is why the walkout when the question in controversy was about a sensitive issue O’Donnell discussed in her book? or why include a political issue such as gay marriage in your book, when you lack the confidence to answer questions on sexual orientation?

Obviously, O’Donnell is an opportunist, she is willing to generate PR and sell her book but unwilling to face scrutiny on the same issue she discussed in her book. O’Donnell has no political agenda but a monetary goal. If you can’t stand by your own words,then you are not qualify as a political candidate or someone with a future political aspiration.

Pierce Morgan has done nothing wrong but acted as a fair journalist; the walkout is indeed not necessary.

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Categories: Journalism and politics

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