THE PHARAOH IN GADDAFI by Adeyemi Oshunrinade



After the rebels gained control of most of Libya including the residence of Gaddafi, the question on people’s mind was why the former Libyan leader did not relinquish power. Gaddafi may be compared to the Pharaoh of Egypt, a king who refused to allow the exit of the people of Israel from Egypt despite Moses’s efforts and call from God to “let my people go.”

Pharaoh was plagued by God in many ways including the killing of all firstborn of Egypt, beginning with the house of Pharaoh. Nonetheless, he refused to yield to the voice of God until his entire army perished in the Nile.

Gaddafi had the heart and adamant nature of Pharaoh; he was awaiting the last plague before coming to the reality that his days are numbered. Gaddafi had the opportunity to leave Libya earlier at the beginning of the uprising but failed to accept reality. Why? because he did not believe in the power of the people; he did not understand that citizen’s pressure can overthrow his regime.

Other dictators should see Libya as a textbook example of what people`s power and the strong will for change is able to achieve.No matter how long you hang onto power, people’s desire and the strong will for change can take control as long as there is proper and effective coordination to do so.

The likes of Assad of Syria and Saleh of Yemen need understand that once a leadership turns the gun on it’s own populace, it has lost all legitimacy and authority. The world is looking, it is a matter of time before Syria and Yemen give up to citizen’s pressure.

A nation does not belong to the leadership but to the people who put them in office. Now that Gaddafi is killed it is time for the NTC to pick up the pieces and build a new and democratic Libya.

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