ANALYZING 9/11: How do We Remember Them?

Just like yesterday, I had just arrived from Sweden it was September 10, 2001;The following day I reported to my duty at the United Nations it was September 11, 2001. As I entered the office, I saw my co-workers focused on a small TV set in our unit, the first plane had just hit one of the twin towers; I asked what happened and was told there had been an accident that a plane had just crashed into one of the twin towers. Before we completed our conversation, the second plane crashed into the second tower, I exclaimed and said “this is not an accident this is a terrorist attack.” It has been 10 years since the terrible event, about 3,000 innocent people lost their lives, parents separated from their children, husbands from their wives, and wives from their husbands; many lost their line of support and livelihoods but how do we remember them? As of this day, many first responders are finding it difficult to receive proper medical care for the injuries sustained. Some cases of cancer have been linked to the dusts inhaled as the twin towers came down, responders and their families continue to battle with insurance companies daily in order to have their medical costs covered; how do we remember them?
While it is true some claims may be false, it is not a reason to deny those that are genuine or to make victims and their families go through hell so as to receive medical care. Those who died on 9/11 did not plan to die the way they did, they did not choose to sacrifice their lives for America but were forced to die and give their lives to our nation. How do we remember them? As we mark the 10th anniversary, we should come together as a nation to pray for the lost souls and their families to have eternal peace. Families of those lost should receive every care and support they deserve, those suffering from cancer and other medical problems related to 9/11 should be given proper financial and medical support, without strain attached. As we remember this day I salute the victims, may their gentle souls rest in peace; may those who carry out the attack lack inner peace.
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