MICHELE BACHMANN: Winning Iowa Straw Poll by Adeyemi Oshunrinade


The concluded Iowa straw poll, saw Congress woman Michelle Bachmann on top; however, the Tea Party Movement is gradually losing momentum. The Tea Party is unwilling to compromise but aligns itself with the right; the issue is where does the Tea Party compromise?

Irrespective of her win, it is high time people realized the movement has no positive agenda or plan to bring any change to the current crisis. The Tea Party is just an extension of the right and has no plan different from the right agenda.

If the right manage to take the White House in 2012, it will face the same opposition the left encounters daily in Congress while Obama is in office meaning, it is back to square one, no bill will pass the House, and no economic change after all.

Removing Obama and replacing him with a candidate from the right or the Tea Party, will not bring the economic turn around Americans are longing for in fact, things will get worse. History shows the right has always failed in managing the economy, and in 2012 it will not do better.

Michelle Bachmann´s campaign has no possibility of success, her campaign will eventually pull out. Iowa straw poll will not determine who wins in 2012.

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