SYRIA AND THE ASSAD REGIME: A Need for Targeted Sanctions



The Obama administration through Secretary of States Hillary Clinton, made an official call for the Syrian President Al-Assad to step down. series of sanctions are imposed on the nation including halting all petroleum import from the Arab nation; and calling on all American entities to halt business with the Assad regime.

The Secretary of States indicated the US will do everything possible to mitigate the effects of the newly imposed sanctions on the Syrian populace.

The issue is whether or not such promise can ever be kept. Those knowledgeable in the effect of sanctions know that when sanctions are not properly targeted on the leadership, innocent citizens bear the cost and pay the utmost price.

The most aggressive sanctions in the history of the United Nations was imposed on Iraq but despite the sanctions, Saddam Hussein thrived and survived. However, the sanctions had a devastating effect on the innocent citizens of Iraq.

While sanctions sometimes work, they only work and are effective when properly targeted against the leadership and their families. Iraq is a textbook example of what devastating effect sanctions can have on people including children and women, when such sanctions have no teeth.

For a properly documented details on the effect of sanctions read ´MURDER of DIPLOMACY´ on the disarmament of Iraq and the Sanction regimes.

While it is impossible to condone the Assad regime for its atrocities, the point is the current sanction imposed by the United States may not work; innocent Syrians will end up paying the price and moreover, the sanctions may have adverse effect on third states economy.

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