PARENT V. TEACHER: American Educational System



Sick and tired of the way teachers are disrespected by their students. American educational system has made it possible for parents to assume the role of boss over the teacher; they equated themselves to the employer with power to hire and fire the teacher.

It is a system where teachers no longer have control over the class and to make matters worse, a teacher that express complaint or criticize a student, becomes enemy of the parent and subject to unnecessary complaint and reports.

American students at both elementary and secondary level have great disciplinary issues. The teacher is never given the opportunity to take charge because of criticism by the parent and the poor educational system that provides room for such disdain for teachers.

One may wonder why the dropout rates keeps climbing and why crime among youths is everyday event; or why some school age youths are damaged with criminal records before they ever reach college level if they do. Teaching is not only about standing in front of the class and teaching a subject, it is also about discipline and imputing good morals in the student.

Until the teacher is empower and given respect, until parents learn to give the teacher control over the class and not disrespected for constructive criticism of their children, then will the American educational system at both elementary and secondary level deserve the proper rating.

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  1. Thanks for your blog. I’ve read some of your entries, but on this one I have to disagree with you. Teachers are often defensive toward parents before a parent says a word. For example, I volunteer at my daughter’s school and my relationship with her teacher has soured simply from a lack of respect to me from the teacher herself. I’ve helped her on numerous occasions even canceled appointments to help her out, but this has lead to her taking advantage of me and putting undo expectation on me. When I have to cancel for my schooling or my other daughter’s needs, she speaks to me disrespectfully and criticizes my inconsistency. She has often told me how lazy parents are and how parents don’t teach common manners, “it’s not my job to instill manners and socially acceptable behaviors in the class, it’s the job of the parents.” she says. If teachers want to do what they want without repercussions then they will be fighting parents all the way to their retirement. Teachers are frustrated with the lack of respect from students and that is understandable, but they have to show respect if the wish to get respect. I’ve always been perfectly willing to listen to her and help her especially if my child is causing trouble or not doing what she is supposed to do, but she is so blinded by her defenses that she can’t see someone genuinely concerned to help her out. She lumps me in with all the parents who simply want a babysitter for their kid. In today’s society, mothers are working and need extra help that isn’t there. (Perhaps this is where to begin in dealing with this issue) I don’t want teachers teaching my kids their version of manners and behaviors. Every year a kid gets a new teacher. Where is the consistency in that way of teaching? She is not the only teacher with this attitude and lack of respect for the parents. It happens often.


    • Thank you very much for the comments, I was really moved by it and thought it is important I respond immediately. From your statements I can infer you’re a concerned parent who has been badly treated by a teacher. There is no doubt most of the things you said are right;I am a parent of three myself and I can tell you there are many things wrong with the educational system in this country and obviously the government is not doing enough to fix it and all they think about is how to fire teachers. No doubt there are very bad teachers out there and some of them shouldn’t have been in the class room at all but again the system of education has made it possible for some kids to disrespect their teacher and when the parent is informed some will go as far as to report such teacher why? Because they believe their child is always right. I am not a teacher but I can tell you some kids are just bad because they lack morals from home; the problem is some parents just don’t care and when their kids don’t do well they blame it on the teacher but besides knowledge, the best a child can get actually comes from home. I went to elementary and high school abroad and today I credit my teachers for what I learnt. We all must make our children know that while they are in class, the teacher is incharge until they get back home when we take over. I do feel for you because I can tell you are a good parent, I will advise you set a meeting with the teacher, try to know why she treats you with disrespect and let her know you care so much about your child and appreciate what she is doing; hopefully, she will have a change of heart and believe me, sometimes a small gift helps, You are not trying to bribe her, you are just showing appreciation; my wife and I present gifts every December to our kids teachers just to show appreciation. I hope things work out and thanks for sharing your story.


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