A recent mob attack by youths in German-Town Maryland is nothing but shameful and disgraceful. They are youths assembling for no good purpose but to mob and rob businesses as a repeat of the recent mob attack by youths in the UK. Those who want to blame such a senseless act on the state of the economy should rethink.

The fact that the nation is in economic dilemma or the rise in unemployment, is not a reason to engage in criminal acts. It is appalling to see school age youths engaged in a conspiracy to mob and steal from businesses; they need focus on their education and let elected officials deal with the current crisis rather than create chaos.

There are other forums to protest their disgust for the current crisis such as a peaceful demonstration or the social media. Such behavior is based on nothing but an act of stupidity and greed. It is time to get your acts together and desist from using the current economy as a pretext for violence.

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