AU- Inclusive government for Libya by Adeyemi Oshunrinade



The African Union released a statement indicating it would only endorse the National Transitional government if it comprise an inclusive government with the followers of Gaddafi. This condition seem unrealistic, since the reason for deposing Gaddafi, was to get rid of the old regime and to replace it with a better administration. However, the AU may be partially right.

If the NTC want a stable and functional Libya, it is wise not to dismantle the old regime in it’s entirety. The NTC or any new government to take charge in Libya should learn from what took Place in Iraq and Afghanistan when Saddam Hussein and the Taliban was removed by the United States.

Initially the transitional government that took office in both situations failed to include some in the old regime, this created a huge security problem and a delay in having a viable government in both countries till this day.

Libya must desist from making the same mistake, part of the old regime must be allowed to reform and participate in the new government or else there will be chaos and disorder in Libya.

Remnants of the old regime may return to destabilize the country if not given the chance to reform and participate.

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