LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT: Job Speech v. Political Debate

Dear Mr. President,
In the wake of the current unemployment rate in the United States, recent argument has been over the timing of your job speech as it clashes with the republican political debate. The nation is appalled that rather than work to turn around the present economic dilemma, both parties have continued the political war and the same partisan politics we saw during the debt ceiling debate.

The unemployment report for the month of August, shows no job was added to the economy however, instead of focusing on your speech on job creation and what the end result of your plan to be laid down in the speech would be, you decided to give in to House Speaker Boehner´s demand to change the date of your speech just to accommodate the uncertainty surrounding the republican political debate. If I may ask Mr. President, what is more important? a debate to take over your job as the president or reversing the unemployment dilemma that is hurting Americans?

Mr President, to turn the current unemployment around, your administration must be ready and willing to temporarily freeze payroll taxes for both small and large private businesses nationwide; you cannot continue to tax businesses heavily and expect them to create job in a market that is uncertain. Employers should be given tax cut for every employee hired and there should be tax cuts for those already employed by the companies.

Also, other incentives should be made available to businesses in order to stimulate the economy and encourage companies to hire, the nation will always generate revenue from other sources such as import, export, international trade and the like, rather than depend on income from taxes levied on businesses which are killing American jobs.

As we await your job speech, be aware that what is important is not just the content of your speech but also the end result of the plan to be laid down in your speech.

Americans are hurting, people are finding it difficult to pay their bills, do something immediately to create job before you start seeing the kind of protests in the arab world emerge in the United States.

Yours sincerely,
Concerned American

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